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Stress, the true enemy of a person’s productivity is a common problem faced by the most in the current global world. The major reason behind this is the busy schedule of the people. There were number of tips to relieve the stress. Out of all those the best one is breathing exercise. This is likely to relieve from the stress more quickly and more effectively. This has been followed since the ancient times and it has gained its importance in the recent times. To know more about the breathing exercises continue to read on.

The main factors that brought the fame to the breathing exercise are simplicity, convenience and the effectiveness of the exercise. When a person does the breathing exercise, following reactions takes place in the human body.

·         The deep breath pumps the huge air into his lungs

·         This carries reasonably good amount of oxygen than the ordinary breath

·         With that pressure the oxygen, the key factor to a man gets distributed throughout the blood

·         The supply of oxygen to the blood gets enhanced manifold than usual

·         All the parts of a human brain becomes active

·         Finally, the brain becomes peaceful and the stress is relieved

Process of doing breath exercise

·         Select a place which is very peaceful and calm

·         Sit comfortably by making your back straight

·         Leave your hands freely and comfortably

·         Start breathing with your nose regularly and continuously

·         Make your lungs full of air right from the bottom of it

·         Hold for a second

·         Exhale your breath slowly through the nose or mouth based on the exercise

·         Continue this process till you feel comfortable and stress free

·         But, remember to breath full and exhale full to feel better results

Best Time to do

The breathing exercise would leave a better impact if it is done early in the morning and if not possible, one can even do it at the evenings. However, one can use this as an instant remedy step to relieve the stress.

Best Place to do

The breathing exercises can be done at any place. But in order to grab the fruitful results one can choose a place with the following characteristics

·         The place should be very calm

·         No noise should be there and the most silence should be maintained there

·         The place should be pleasant

·         The place should contain fresh air

·         Because fresh air contains good amount of oxygen

·         It enhances the supply of oxygen to brain as well as vital organs of the body

Types of breathing exercises

There are numerous ways of doing breath exercises. Each exercise has its own characteristics and own advantages. They are best dealt in yoga sasthra under the branch of Pranayama. One can choose the one that best suits them according to the place, time and situation.

There are number of other advantages of doing breath exercises apart from stress relief like improvement in memory, concentration power etc. So, one should make it a habit and lead a healthy as well as stress free life.